OyOsMusic Festival Announced

OyOs Music, a Zimbabwean online music store is kicking it up a notch, strengthening their novel presence in the Zimbabwean music industry by hosting a music festival. OyosMusic prides itself in collecting authentic, home-grown, Zimbabwean music and empowering the Artists by providing a platform for music sales. Their catalog includes hundreds of songs from all genres of music, including gospel, sungura, country, house, afro-pop, afro jazz, rap, and more – all from Zimbabwean artists.

The OyOsMusic Festival will reflect their resolute stance on promoting home-grown music by incorporating all forms of music a their event which is to be held on the 14th and 15th of December at Long Cheng Plaza from 9am until late. OyOsMusic has also announced that, although exciting artists have already been booked, they are opening up their festival to new Artists and encourage up and coming artists of all genres to contact them for consideration.

OyOsMusic aims to create an environment where families can come and truly enjoy home grown music. OyO has recently partnered with the popular radio station, StarFM, in their efforts to promote Zimbabwean music, and together, they will be carrying out a mission of financially uplifting and empowering Zimbabwean music both locally and globally.

To begin listening to the massive collection of contemporary Zimbabwean music, be sure to connect to OyOsMusic through their website, https://oyosmusic.co.zw/. The online music store has ensured that payment methods have been made easy for consumers through the integration of ecocash, telecash, visa, mastercard, paypal, paynow, zimswitch, and all popular payment gateways.

The site is simple, visually appealing, and easy to navigate, having been built by ZimHost Web Designers who have won 14 unique awards both locally & internationally, including web designers of the year, web developers of the year, best innovators, and more.

OyOsMusic is a fan of every Artist they include in their catalog and urges music lovers everywhere to allow themselves the gift of discovering the excellent, passion filled work of Zimbabwean musicians. The festival was created to assist the Zimbabwean public in that effort as OyOsMusic understands that it often takes a gentle nudge for consumers to look in a new direction. Fortunately, the direction they are encouraging, is awesome! It also happens to be right in the backyard of all Zimbabweans.




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