Today is the New Year in Muringa Culture! Happy African New Year!


Today marks the beginning of a new year in Muringa culture, an African, spiritual healing sub-culture stemming from a fusion of traditional African and New-Age spiritual experiences and moving African consciousness through the vehicle of Art and Muringa Music spaces. Muringa Music is a genre of music cultivated globally, and ultimately named in Zimbabwe, after the Moringa Tree, a phenomenally nutrient – dense, miracle tree abundant in Africa.

So Happy New Year! Congratulations! Certainly, there is reason to celebrate as a long-time cosmic victory has ushered in a particular, internal access to trans-dimensional lightness and newness. This new experience of old energy is being introduced and unveiled in the sacred ingredients of today.

Image: Sun, Moon and Stars by Julia Cairns

This New Year begins with the successful completion of a long and arduous spiritual, space-cultivation journey.  This is a space that is capable of housing novel expressions of vehemently transformed dark energies, and arises out of a decision to integrate the lightest and darkest aspect of existence, One’s existence.

In doing so, powerful vibrations of gratitude for the deepest trauma have been activated as the boundaries of one’s self-concept have finally expanded enough for the successful destruction of a protective, “positive-self” illusion, lovingly illuminating the reality.

This revelation period is right on time as the capacity to survive the reality of One’s Self, and the faith to await transformation of the “total darkness within” into light, through witness and intention, – has been achieved! We’ll say it again, Happy New Year! The Heart is now seen as good through the Oneness Within’s collective decision for all useless and painful energies or thought forms to 1) Be experienced during the period of Halloween or “The Day of the Dead” 2) To be thanked 3) To be naturally judged 4) to discontinue in their manifested form, as a sacrifice to Oneness/The Heart, in order for The Asking – To Be.

All energies, particularly the darkest energy, has agreed to accept the opportunity to change, through the ancient anchor, and beacon of truth, Love. Rest assured that it will no longer be as was, and instead has re-incarnated as is, into this wonderfully new space, life, and sight.

Effects of this shift will vary, though expect the following;

  • Inexplicable aches and pains to no longer manifest.
  • Addictions to naturally fade
  • Healthy eating to inspire
  • Prioritization of time for observing and experiencing wellness and togetherness to ensue
  • Perception of success, peace, and unbiased, whole-self  expression
  • Attraction of consciously appreciated and enjoyed individuals and increased self-appreciation
  • Discovery of inner spiritual gifts, heightened connection with love


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