Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has been officially sworn in as the new president of Zimbabwe. Surely, the energy in Zimbabwe is of a certain level of elation that cannot be stolen. This same elation and more is erupting in the Zimbabwean music scene with music being released in abundance and artists fearlessly expressing their unique absorption of this momentous occasion in Zimbabwean history, – or should we say, global history.

Part of the excitement during this shift in Zimbabwe is the potential integration of cultural and ethnic minority groups. As this relates to music, Zimbabweans of all walks of life expect to be heard and recognized as Zimbabwean, regardless of how they differ from dominant forms of expression, genres, and presentation styles, demanding audiences to open their minds and hearts to absorbing unique Art, and deciphering its messages from the perspective of oneness and with the awareness of increasing globalization.

AMABEYOND, a Zimbabwean-born, Texas-raised Artist releases “TEXASMADE” today, a subtle celebration of the new Zimbabwe paired with the weight of her global life-story and journey that has led her to this particular moment in time. In addition to weighing the future of this Zimbabwean shift, AMABEYOND also shares a heart for Texan victims of Hurricane Harvey, who are still seeking upliftment to this day, and all those who are going through difficult transitions in these unique times.

The video shows AMABEYOND joyously and freely dancing atop the beautiful, newly “liberated,” land of Zimbabwe. She is wearing distinctly traditional African print that is cut in a way that might be considered risqué amongst the modern dominant culture of Zimbabawe, which stems from skin bearing tradition, is known to be proudly conservative today. The outfit, designed by AMABEYOND, shows a significant amount of skin, which glistens in the sun rays, brown as the Zimbabwean soil she dances upon.

It is known that throughout Zimbabwe, there have been instances, both domestically and publicly, where women of color would be shamed and physically assaulted for choosing to wear short shorts, skirts, or shirts.  AMABEYOND’s choice to embrace her brown, female skin gently demands respect for the female consciousness, essence, and power to be allowed and loved in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

Additionally, and most daring in today’s music industry, AMABEYOND is wearing her natural hair and no makeup! This is an unusual choice for artists in Africa and globally as the global standard of beauty rarely allows such presentation. Her choice  serves as a bold calling for true self-love and self-expression to vehemently seize the consciousness of Zimbabwean girls and women alike, as well as  global women of African descent everywhere.

TexasMade, produced by AMABEYOND, gives off mellow, yet danceable vibes and feels incredibly authentic and vulnerable. It features traditional drums and lovely melodies carried in the strings and supported by a gentle acoustic guitar that is played by LoveDale Makalanga. LoveDale also engineered the song, which was recorded at Martin Stewart’s Vadzimu Records. Mixing collaborations include underground Zimbabawean producers Nyasha Kufandirore aka Luggah and Bongani Tapera  aka Locoste. The video, capturing a moment of contemplation, came out of an inspired collaboration between MMF and Lovers Pamire’s New Dawn Productions.

“The spirit of love, freedom, and upliftment is sweeping over us, may it also sweep over y’all” – AMABEYOND

The song can be downloaded, for free here!

Watch full video here! TEXASMADE by AMABEYOND




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