Musical Streets

“Musical Streets” is a new Organisation created by MMF  in an effort to cultivate the love of music in the hearts of underprivileged, African youth. With African ghettos being responsible for many African, legendary superstars, we believe that music can save lives. By bringing music in and out of African ghettos, discipline and a sense of belonging can be developed amongst the youth, and encourage them  to learn about production, music business, Internet literacy, marketing, and more. Most importantly, Musical Streets strives to empower these young Artists with the ability to tell their stories, share their unique spirits, visions, and perspectives. Above all, we want to promote confidence amongst our African youth and generate a sense of significance within them, so that they feel worthy of individual self expression.

Currently we have a production studio operating in Highfields, Harare where numerous youth gather for recording, jam sessions, production lessons and more!

Find out how you can get involved by emailing

Check Out Some Musical Streets Action Below! More on the way!